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SMT Production | 22 April, 2002

Dear sir, I am a regular viewer of and now one of my customer have the process problem that is they are having double sided smd's and pth too. hence we have suggested them to do the following processes First do the smd soldering by stencil printer , mounter and reflow soldering on the top side of the pcb. this will complete the smd soldering on the top side. Next will be the glue dispensing on the bottom side of the board with smd then do the curing it with reflow oven. Finally mounting the pth components and do the wave soldering. this is the method we know. As the customer is new and I am a sales engineer I do not know the production difficulties hence please guide me whether this procedure correct and so the customer gets good output from the machine. Thanking you and looking forward to immediate reply. With warm regards, M.K.Krishnakumar

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SMT Production | 23 April, 2002

The metioned process will work, but I do have 1 Question, How are the PTH comp. being inserted? If automated insertion is going to be used the process may have to change.

Topside SMD - then Auto insert PTH, the reason for this, is depending on the placement density and location of SMD Comp. on the bottom side the insertion machines clinching unit may crash into the comp.

Glue Disp. - Pump Printing

comp. placement - Cure - hand mounting - wave.

I hope that this was useful information



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