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IC in Stick



IC in Stick | 19 April, 2002


Our compagny is in a high Mix, low quantit� production, We have so much trouble with the IC because the buyers don't wnat to pay to have the IC in a reel so we use a vibratory. Some operator are very good to make the vibratory work well but some have some trouble with it? Then some stick don't fit with your equipement and we must change the stick and we loose a lot of time doing it. I would like to know if you have already experience something like that in the past and what did you do to correct the problem?, Do you use someting else with IC in stick??

Thank you have a good day Yannick

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IC in Stick | 19 April, 2002

Consider buying a taping machine. At the last contract mfg. I worked I bought a used V-Tek TM30 manual taping machine. It was a tremendous asset. Start saving your embossed tape and reels now so you will build up a stock. Hopefully your placement machine(s) do not crop/cut the tapes.

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IC in Stick | 19 April, 2002

some tips from here may help: Find more in the archive of this site.

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IC in Stick | 21 April, 2002

i don't know the extra cost associated with buying the comps on reels. But my suggestion would be to calculate the how much time is been wasted 'fiddling' about with these inferior tubes, and then offset this with the extra cost of been supplied with the components on reels. the payback will more than likely fall in your favour.

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IC in Stick | 29 April, 2002

Investing in a taping machine is worth the money. Just saving you the aggravation of dealing with tubes is worth it. Most placement machine handle tape & reel much better than tube feeders. everytime you placement machine is stopped, it's costing you money.

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Sir Alexandr


IC in Stick | 7 May, 2002

Hello ! That was an one of our troubles. But we decidet it. Our way : 1. Vibrofeeders of Phillips may be ajusted for special ironrails , horisontallylairs , so IC goes permanently and correctly, also we create some acceptable subfeeder for Phillips from the same sticks . One problem may be serious - your operators could shock feeders so they may be cracked at rod. In this case you may draw it on place manually and ajust eqwip-t by camers. /sorry for bad tongue/ Sir Alexandr, Russia

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IC in Stick | 8 May, 2002

If you are talking about "low" volume another option you could consider is using a waffle tray. At a previous company we made low volume high value flexi-rigids. Like you, no-one would buy volume on reels. Luckily we had our own machine shop and we made about 6 alluminium waffle trays. IC's were placed in at the preprogrammed places. We also had slots for some of the more awkward SM xtals.

Hope this helps,


Chris May

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