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Waste | 18 April, 2002

Currently in our facility we store used and discarded flux residues from the wave solder machines in 50 gallon drums. These drums are picked up and disposed of by an outside contractor. During a recent audit we were cited for not having the drums properly grounded. Grounding a metal drum is something that I have never seem done before. Can anyone give me some insight or possibly point me in the direction of a standard for grounding these metal drums?

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Abelardo Rodriguez


Waste | 19 April, 2002

Who issued you the citation and what was the citation based on, a standard of industry, epa or who. I'm curious as well about this citation, personally never heard of such citations and I work in California.

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Waste | 19 April, 2002

This was a citation issued during an internal audit. I believe that it was besed solely from company policy. I am hot even sure that grounding is an industry standard although OSHA does have some ducumentation pertaining to grounding of flameable waste containers.

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Waste | 20 April, 2002

OSHA standards trump industry standards. OSHA can shut down your factory. The industry can not do bubkes. It's nice to following industry standards, becuase industry likes that.

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Waste | 21 April, 2002

I do know in our factory (7 years ago) we were required to ground 55Gal. drums. But only when they were on drum/barrel dollies. The fear was the nylon (plastic wheels) could cause static electricity and gorounding helped to prevet this. I never questioned it, just acepted it Cal

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Ken Bliss


Waste | 23 April, 2002

We get inspected regularly and the only items we have had to ground where flammable liquid drums or a drum that had flammable or explosives fumes (partially full), I cannot see any reason why they would require grounding if no hazard was present. We simply used aircraft wire with screw clamps on the ends, attach one end to the flange of the drum and the other to any ground, water pipe, air line, even electric conduit as long as it is grounded.

One thing we have seen is that if you have it noted in your HMMP for all drums to be grounded perioed and you did not follow it they may cite you because you are not maintaining per your own plan. That would be outside of the offense itself.

Hope that helps

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