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Capacitor Manufactures



Capacitor Manufactures | 1 April, 2002

I would like to know if this group has any preferences to any capacitor manufacture. Any good or bad experiences with certain companies, we are going through some issues. This group has many years in this field and I would like to hear your feedback on the subject.What do you look for or what testing is required to qualify a manufacture? This is a surface mount application using 0805 & 0603 components.

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Capacitor Manufactures | 1 April, 2002

We have been unhappy with capacitor supplies, but more often than not, intermediate suppliers or ourselves have been the source of our agida. [0201 & 0402 do seem to torture us with poor termination plating => tombstone. These we do get nuts about with the fabricator.]

90+% of our capacitors are commodities. [So, we could care less who supplies them.] We qualify the remainder based on engineering requirements.

Capacitors are a widely diverse class of components, often with issues that related specific class. Maybe if we knew a little about the issue, like even the class of capacitor.

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