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ROI on AOI Machines



ROI on AOI Machines | 7 March, 2002

We are currently examining the issue of AOI machines (both in-line and off-line) It seems that the only positive remarks I find are written by the salespeople representing AOI manufacturers. Can someone please refer me to a more neutral source? My initial impression is that if we use 2D inspection at Screen Printing, and then 3D inspection for paste height and then follow that with rigorous process controls, we don't need the AOI machine(s). Again, as a Process Engineer, I am being asked to find data that supports my "opinion" on the level of technology that AOI is currently at. Any White Papers or data from companies actually using AOI would be particularly helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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ROI on AOI Machines | 7 March, 2002

The AOI machines are basically to replace human inspectors. They certainly do a better job. First you have to look at why is there so much inspection. Usually its becuase people have no confidence in thier processes or lack the knowledge to create an efficient process. In my opinion inspection must be done initally to learn where your processes are flawed. Then apply what you've learned and take corrective & preventive action. Inspection, of any kind, does not enhance product quality. Can't help you with any papers that I know of that are "neutral". In my opinon the only thing AOI brings to the table is a powerful tool for the process eng. to find the flaws faster and with greater accuracy (in most cases) than the human. Finding and fixing the flaws is the end goal. Random sample inspections is all that's required thereafter, aye? Beauty!

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ROI on AOI Machines | 13 March, 2002

Basically, there are two types line scan image compare and vector analysis. I studied the topic for three months and am very pleased with my decision and the false call rate have been very low during the acceptance. Granted the one is more difficult to program than the other but less boards are required and false call is lower. email me 4 more details

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ROI on AOI Machines | 17 March, 2002

Thanks, RDC. May I have your e-mail address?


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ROI on AOI Machines | 22 May, 2002

Your objective is to go for a quality process and if you acheive that you don't need AOI! But how do you monitor your process? AOI can do this. Just select a machine that suits your purpose and budget.

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ROI on AOI Machines | 23 May, 2002


so you favour which type of AOI technology?

you prefer: 1) vector analysis? 2) image-scan-comparision?

and what advantages support this choice of yours?

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ROI on AOI Machines | 7 July, 2003

First we have to look in to the current situiation of the SMT line.Is the pick and place machine very old and can not perform consistently. Is the board to be inspected is very dense and have lots of connectors and fine pitch comp.with lots of 0402 components.Is the inspection template effective? Is the ICT test coverage is high enough to detect the defect.What is the cycle time of the board? Manual inspection is not effective if cycle time for the complex board is shorter.Are you using Lead free solder paste which causes high reject on poor soldering may need AOI.AOI is not effective for 'J" lead components.It can not check heel joint.

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ROI on AOI Machines | 7 July, 2003

I have an experience about AOI that it is necessary in a complicated PCB.

Due to the final circuit design, the concerned PCB were having nets on the boards, that the Open/Short could not be identified by traditional In-Circuit testers. Some long traces were so lay to be less than one mm aparted, which cause difficulty for naked eye visual checking of the open-short.

The AOI was found useful in this PCB as it can identify most of the short-circuit before soldermask process, although it still could not identify the micro-short and trace cracking.


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ROI on AOI Machines | 7 July, 2003


Is this an old old and old one? More than a year old. You guys are wasting your time. Sorry if I am bother someone.

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ROI on AOI Machines | 8 July, 2003


Wow you are right. This even goes back to one tread started by David F a long time ago.

Yet I can't find that anyone really gave a White Paper answer to the original question in any of the SMTnet responses. I do read a lot of subjectives.

So Vinny do you know of a place on SMTnet where someone actually reported on a study and did an ROI. Maybe I am using the wrong search words or phrases.

YiEngr, MA/NY DDave

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ROI on AOI Machines | 11 July, 2003

We bought a VI Technology machine about 7 months ago. It's done a great job for us on military product (SMT cards - IPC A 610 Class 1 and 2). Results are only as good as the programming being done. Take a look at it (talk to them) and make a decision as to whether it's right for you. ;

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