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Residual BGA Stress

Carol Stirling


Residual BGA Stress | 5 February, 2002

Would someone be able to direct me to information on residual BGA stress please? I've been told that mounting the BGA involves residual stress to the solder balls due to different expansion characteristics of the BGA versus the board at the moment of solder freeze. Apparently the PWBs expand much more if they have not been dessicated. Any input is appreciated.


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Residual BGA Stress | 5 February, 2002

Residual stress is not limited to BGA balls. I have residual stress. It does not leave until I start singing Led Zepplin songs at the top of my lungs. And for that to start, I need a good hour of staring at the bottom of a frosty mug at Jimbo's

Look here:

Consider a net search with Google on the topic.

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