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Contract Manufacturing in USA



Contract Manufacturing in USA | 10 January, 2002

Dear Collegues! I would like to know more information about prices for Contract Manufacturing of PCBs in USA. For example, who can tell us what is reasonable price for assembling following PCB: 75x150mm, one sided, 1 BGA, 4 TSOP 54mil, 200 SMD 0603/0805, 14 axial electrolytic capasitors. Monthly volume is around 30K. We have own SMT production, but we are in Europe, and would loke to locate some production in USA. Thank you in advance for your kind help!

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Michael Parker


Contract Manufacturing in USA | 10 January, 2002

What is the expected volume to be outsourced to the US and where are your distribution sources? Do you have a particular US region in mind? I'm in Northern California - if you are interested in producing here, we can talk further offline.

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Bo Apostolache


Contract Manufacturing in USA | 10 January, 2002

Dmitry, we are a contract manufacturer in Southern California. We have the capability to manufacture the above mentioned board assembly. As a rough estimate, we would be able to assemble your board for somewhere between $6-$7, depending on quantity per month. For an accurate quote we would need to see the assembly drawing and special instruction sheets. Please visit our website at

Look forward to speaking with you,

Bo Apostolache General Manager GM Technical Services, Inc. Ph. 949.588.6016 Fax 949.588.6023

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George Polychroniou


Contract Manufacturing in USA | 10 January, 2002

Hi Dimitry: We are a vertically integrated provider of electronic manufacturing services based in Massachusets. Because of our diverse manufacturing capabilities (sheet metal, PCB assembly, plastic molding) we supply quality cost effectovely. Please vist our web site for more information or contact me directly. Thanks.

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Contract Manufacturing in INDIA | 10 August, 2002

Dear Freinds, We are having 18000 sqfeet airconditioned space for pcb contract manufacturing.We had chipschooters,through hole machines & fine pitch placement machines with international standard.In addtion we had clean rooms & wire bond facilities.We also have the largest fiber coupler manufacturing units in INDIA.If any one think about for a contract manufacturing units who can do R&D work we had a complete solution for you.Many of the MNC's is taking our service for more than 10 years.This plant in located in a special ecnomic zone in southern part of india where you can import any raw material & capital goods with out any duty or taxes & can export with out any finacial liabalities.If you need any further clarification please feel free to contact me at any time. Regards JOJO Jameson

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Contract Manufacturing in USA | 10 August, 2002


If USA is not the ONLY location you would like to mfg your boards, we can talk.

Regards Erhan

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Contract Manufacturing in USA | 22 August, 2002

Hello Dimitry, EWI has been in the contract manufacturing business for 19 years. We're loacated in the metro Orlando (Florida) area. Currently running 3 fully automated SMT lines with PTH support lines. Would be interested in discussing your requirements further, but would like to see a definitive print package before commiting to a pricing schedule. Tks, Ron

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