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EMS Terms and Conditions


EMS Terms and Conditions | 12 December, 2001

Is anybody aware of a standard terms and conditions document for EMS providers? We need a contract to cover all of the standard stuff, like cancellation, disputes, customer furnished material, etc. Thanks for your help.

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EMS Terms and Conditions | 15 December, 2001

Why would there be a need for such a standard? And who would produce such a standard?

Thoughts are: * Why not call the BIG dogs in contacting [ie, Solectron, Flextronics, SCI, etc.] and ask them for copies of their T&C documents and mash them together to produce your document? * Call a lawyer.

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EMS Terms and Conditions | 15 December, 2001

Tried both, with no success. The big guys are pretty secretive about how they do things. The lawyer understands arbitration and things like that, but doesn't have a clue about customer furnished materials or volume pricing. I have found that IPC is working on a standard t&c called the Master Engagement Agreement. I'm trying to get a copy now, and I'll post it if that's OK with them.

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EMS Terms and Conditions | 17 December, 2001

Maybe your lawyer can suggest a colleague that is more competent in contract law.

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