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loose component storage


loose component storage | 12 November, 2001

How do you guys store loose components for repair?

Currently we just have bins with little labeled paper envelopes filed numerically with loose components in them. When an envelope goes empty, the repair person locates a reel of the same parts and puts some in the envelope.

It's not very elegant, but certainly results in fewer mixed part (wrong part) conditions that the divider tray system used to cause.

Still, I gotta believe that there's something better out there.........

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loose component storage | 13 November, 2001

It is better than the divider try thing, especially if the divider try thing is not ESD protected.

The repair person must req these parts or we end-up short on the build!!! Pissa!!!

Howbout this? * Some repair companies sell kits / packets of repair parts. * If you order 100 pieces [er whateva] from your distributor, they come bagged-up and labeled for you.

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