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preventative maintainence

Billy Bunther


preventative maintainence | 30 October, 2001

Hi All, Just enquiring about ways of tracking ,scheduling and performing pm's without affecting production etc

Rgds Billy Bunther O'brien

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preventative maintainence | 30 October, 2001

We have rules [like: calibrations can not be rescheduled], but I can't think of them right now. So maybe if I put something down here, it'll get some other folk off their spotty beehynds.

Planned maintenance: We schedule this in the MRP.

Unplanned maintenance: We use a protocol like the one discussed a week or so ago, here on SMTnet. []

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preventative maintainence | 2 November, 2001

Planned maintenance is: * Scheduled based on the equipment supplier recommendations. These maintenance schedules may be modified based on clear-headed thinking that is documented. * Calibration may not be slipped, but the schedule may be moved up. [Most of this work is done all at once between Christmas and New Year, during the physical, by an outside service firm.] * Non-calibration may be slipped, but the slip must less than a defined maximum period.

Planned maintenance is scheduled by the MRP. The MRP issues job orders for maintenance, just like a customer order. The job order states the job requirements, inspection requirements, etc. Operators, or whoever, complete the job order is retained in a machine file. Manufacturing engineering reviews and then files the completed job order in a machine file.

Additionally, operators, or whoever, record �everything� they do on a machine in a maintenance log. Manufacturing engineering reviews the maintenance log.

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