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1206 Thickness

Jacob Lacourse


1206 Thickness | 18 October, 2001

Hello, We recently changed a component on one of our products from a .5% 1206 resistor to a .1% resistor. I noticed that there was a greater rejection rate of the .1% resistor during placement. Apparently the thickness of the .1% resistor is less than the thickness of the .5% resistor. Needless to say this was a minor fix and all is well, although I am curious as to why the thickness of a resistor decreases as the the percentage decreases. Thanks for any input, Jake

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1206 Thickness | 18 October, 2001

I doubt that it has as much to do with the tolerance as it does: * Who manufactured the part. * What technology was used in fabricating the part.

We get various thickness for the same part number [ie, pakage size, value, power, tolerance, etc.]. It's just part of the fun of starting a new job [or sometimes changing a reel].

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