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BGA REWORK | 10 October, 2001

I used to rework many types of BGA's including ceramic. We always preheated the whole board to around 115 c before attempting to remove or place. Now I find myself in a new company with different ideas. Do any of you have a site that has exact recommended times and temperatures for PCB as well as BGA. I am trying to prevent additional damage to the PCB, i.e. during board expanding to compensate for heat as well solder joint issues contributed to not preheating the board.

Thanks, Chris

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BGA REWORK | 10 October, 2001

Preheating sounds good to me.

Look here to get started

While little of this applies to inorganic boards, it doesn't a rocket scientist to make the extention.

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BGA REWORK | 11 October, 2001

Thank you Dave...

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Casey Scheu


BGA REWORK | 15 October, 2001

Chris, Please check out our web site. We manufacture a complete line of rework equipment. I would be happy to send someone over to give you an in house demo.

Casey Scheu A.P.E. South 305-451-4722

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