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Publication chance!!! If you have some real-world data...



Publication chance!!! If you have some real-world data... | 25 September, 2001

Hello friend,

I'm sending this message out because I may get some help from you.

Right now I am doing a project titled "Applying artificial neural networks and virtual experimental design to quality improvement". The thing is that I need some real-world data to play with. That is for one of my I&ME course.

For example, a manufacturing (or service) process has n independent/input variables that change at different levels and thus influence the dependent/output variable(s). I need at least 3*n data points to model the relationship (usually nonlinear and complex) between the input and output variables. The data have to be real and the output variable(s) of the process should somehow be related to quality!

If you happen to have that kind of information or you have a friend who works in some company and may have that kind of information, please email me within a week or two. I plan to model, predict and optimize the process based on the real data and hopefully publish something. If the results are publishable, you'll be the second or third author (I promise).

Thank you!

BTW, if you cannot help, please just forget it.

Sincerely, Xianming

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Publication chance!!! If you have some real-world data... | 26 September, 2001

I'm afraid I only have data that has been published previously. What I do have was created when working for other companies and can not be shared, sorry. Perhaps someone else may be able to help.

Regards Jay

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