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OT: HNC Mechantronics

darren jones


OT: HNC Mechantronics | 20 September, 2001

Hi All I am currently a maintence/process technician who is looking to forward his career into the engineering side of the industry. I will soon be starting a HNC mechatronics course (1 day a week) and wondered if any one knew of any sources of information that could be useful to me. Also, has anyone completed the course themselves and do u have any comments to offer me?

Thanks in advance

Darren Jones

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OT: HNC Mechantronics | 24 September, 2001

Never heard of the degree before your post. Seems like a cool thing. Leave it to them Brits.

All of the schools that come-up in a net search have that "HNC" thang. Sowatts a HNC?

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OT: HNC Mechantronics | 25 September, 2001

Higher National Certificate - it's a UK thing... or it was when I were a lad.

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OT: HNC Mechantronics | 1 October, 2001

Darren , I done the HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering which was later changed to Mechatronics . The course itself will give you a good broad based grounding in all aspects of E&E Engineering . What you really need to back it up is good quality exposure in an SMT/Process environment . When you combine the HNC and the experience you will be a valuable commodity . Carry on from the HNC and do a Degree and the world is your oyster . Feel free to drop me a line and I'll try and help any way I can ...

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OT: HNC Mechantronics | 5 October, 2001

Hi Darren

I am currently studying the same course as yourself, basicly if you have an electronic / electrical backround and a good grasp of maths you are laughing...if you send me your timetable of subjects ( I am sure each college does not run to the exact same schedule ) I will be more than happy to send and receive any information that may help.

Good luck


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OT: HNC Mechantronics | 5 October, 2001

Its some years ago now but i completed an HND Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics at Manchester Poly. Two of the lectuerers at the time published a text book, i later moved on to complete my degree at Newcastle Poly where this book was widely used.

I can't remember the exact name of it, but the two blokes who wrote it were Jack Golten, and Andy Verwer.

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darren jones


OT: HNC Mechantronics | 5 October, 2001

hi all

thanks very much for the replys...gettin well into the swing of it now...been a few years since i used a calculator properly!!! I also have to do a project which i have to present and write up about. I would like to be able to do something that relates to my work and field that i am have u guys got any ideas!! :)

also, mirrin, i couldnt get the email thing to work so if you could reply to me at i can post u my time table....thanks again all


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OT: HNC Mechantronics | 6 October, 2001

�Control System Design And Simulation� Jack Golten, Andy Verwer; McGraw Hill College Div; 1991; Paperback; 388 pages; ISBN: 0077074122 [ lists two of �em for $20 used.]

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