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Jacob Lacourse


MAGNIFICATION | 31 August, 2001

I recently purchased some magnifiers without doing much research at all and now I realize I should have come here first. The units we bought have a round lens and people are complaining that they can see in the middle of the ring but their vision gets blurred as they look to to the outer edges. Quite honestly I'm not even positive of the diopter value. I was hoping I could get some reccomendations on a brand of magnifiers we could try including diopter value and the best shape and size for viewing. Our current use is mostly for the inspection of 1206 to 0805 components, and some people also use the magnifiers to do through hole soldering.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks Jacob

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Poon Man


MAGNIFICATION | 3 September, 2001

Hi Jacob, Purchasing high quality magnifier highly depends on your budget. In my experience, rectangular lens is much better than round lens as the view area is bigger. Brightness is very important point to consider. Don�t choose white light. Otherwise, you may get complains again. We are using 4X lens for components inspection including 0603. I think it is enough for the checking from 0805 to 1206 components. If you are at the US, you can try this one called DAZO_. The last character is missing. Our magnifiers are ESD products. Pls check if there are also non-ESD magnifiers available.

Poon Man

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MAGNIFICATION | 4 September, 2001

I have seen the DAZO_ (Dazor) Scopes, they are nice tools. Caldon W. Driscoll ACI USA 610-362-1200

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MAGNIFICATION | 4 September, 2001

Check out Waldmann, I've bought 2 of their Ominvue magnifiers and am very happy with them.


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