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Topaz | 31 August, 2001


For the production we use a Topaz from Philips, But we must always go on the machine to place the board correctly, like the position on the cad file and the one we see on the board is not good enought to start the production right away, do you have a suggestion to solve this problem, or some software you use that is really good???

Thanks you


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Topaz | 1 September, 2001

Hi karkanov,

I can't get the point you wanna express ? do you mean you manually place the board on the machine or are you placing boards and not components ? Or is it because of misalignment ? Get your machine calibrated, teach your fiducials properly are all I can say.


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Topaz | 5 September, 2001

It sounds like the XY data you are receiving from your customers is unreliable/inaccurate. This in turn is causing down time on the machine to adjust the placement and rotations.

Fell free to contact me off line and I can suggest some alternative means to generate accurate XY data or machine programs.


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