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PCB Depanelizers

Ralph M


PCB Depanelizers | 28 August, 2001

We are currently using both CAB (Hektor) and FKN (N100)depanelizers. We have a customer that has round PCB's and the only depanelizers that I have found that will work is the FKN N200. Does anyone know of any other manufacturers or solutions for round PCB depanelizing. Thanks.

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PCB Depanelizers | 28 August, 2001

Those pizza cutters just have a tough time with edges other than straight, don't they? [HEY, they don't cut it!!! Haaaa!!!!] Consider either routing or singulation as an alternative.

Look here:

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Ralph M


PCB Depanelizers | 29 August, 2001


We are using tab nibblers right now, but they have a hard time with round boards. FKN has a model(N200) that shears the tabs off. The cost is fairly low(3K). I just wanted to know if there are any other brands out there that might work on round boards. Thanks.

Ralph Merk Process Engineer Creation Technologies

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PCB Depanelizers | 30 August, 2001

We don't use fussy things like that to remove mouse-bite tabs when they are not designed to be removed. Just cut away the majority of the waste using sheet metal shears. Then burr the remainder and the rough parts with a Sears wood router [bought at a tag sale, eureka!!!] with the bit mounted to poke through a hole in a table, break, dust collector [ummm flying fiberous fiber fiber glass fibers], safety gear, etc.

Hey, for this job, just make a break from plywood that is shaped like the assembled board and bust it.

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SR Evers


PCB Depanelizers | 5 September, 2001

Use the link above, Pioneer Die and Trim makes a nifty range of depanelling systems that can hold a patented dedicated PCB trimming die. The process is unique and provides a very strees-free environment. Most of all it's fast, flexible and affordable.

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PCB Depanelizers | 7 September, 2001

SR Evers is correct. Use a press. I used to design em for some jobs I ran many years ago. The biggest thing to look out for is stress points. These presses work great if the board is designed for it. If not, check components after this process!

My prefered method is an auto- router. They work well but usually are expensive..

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Jeff Price


PCB Depanelizers | 7 September, 2001

You might want to go and look at PMJ Automation they sell routers from enter level to advanced. They have a TR-700 that is very reasonable priced.

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