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DFx | 21 August, 2001

Greetings! I would appreciates any inputs to all tech pros & Engineers: As responsible for manufacturing engineering for our PCA products(OEM/Telecom) am planning to implement a company-wide implementation of DFM/DFT. Am looking for a software that we can use, as well as for our CMs (domectic & overseas). Is there a software/tools available in the market? Anyone has some good infos - I could start with?

Regards & thank you!

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DFx | 21 August, 2001

A worthy endeavor.

Consider checking the fine SMTnet Archives. Searching on df* lists almost 200 postings between the "Design" and "Production" Forums.

Further, check the SMTnet Newsletter. Earl Moon wrote some very good articles on DFx. The articles could be from summer 1999 timeframe. [Neither the Newsletter nor the technical papers are included in the fine SMTnet search capabilities. Although we've requested this , but we just will have to wait for the right moment to embarass the cats and kitties that run SMTnet into adding that capability.]

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