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Machine Monitors



Machine Monitors | 7 August, 2001

Here�s a nagging problem. We have several machines with old DOS-based interfaces (MPM printers, Electrovert ovens/waves, etc.). After some time, the monitors slowly fade-out due to over use (no screen blankers). We end-up ordering several new monitors at a time because the old ones become unreadable. Does any one know where to find an old screen saver that is: 1.DOS-based, 2. Runs as an TSR, and 3. recognizes mouse input as well as keyboard. I have yet to fine one that matches all 3 of these criteria (and I need them all). Other than loading Win98 on all 10 of our problem units (eeeeh!), does anyone have any suggestions?

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Claude Couture


Machine Monitors | 8 August, 2001

Low tech suggestion: turn monitors off manually after use. High tech suggestion: install a "presence" sensor, like those on some photocopier, that turns on the monitor when someone is near it, then a time delay for shutting it off.

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Machine Monitors | 10 August, 2001

Not a pretty response, but searching the net gives several DOS TSR screen savers. Wheither they meet your requirements or not, is another level of understanding, Grasshopper.

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