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Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98



Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98 | 5 August, 2001

Hi mates, fellows of the SMT community,

Anyone used before, a (SMT) P&P m/c, operating on Linux platform, as its O.S ???

We are reviewing a P&P m/c of european origins, and I must say, all of us are rather impressed with the creative, application of innovative technological adaption, that was carefully developed into this machine......

Mu question here, does any one has practical experience, or theory-backed knowledge, whether Linux platforms have, any problems to "communicate", with "conventional" Win NT/98 operated m/c softwares?

My undeveloped working knowledge, of Linux softwares is :

1) Linux softwares are more stable than MS-windows programs?

2) Linux softwares must be adapted/modified to suit Unix/Linux "communication", thus may have "language barriers" with typcial win NT/98 system softwares?

3) Can we LAN both Linux & Windows softwares, between all computer-based factory machines?

4) Do we need strong programming backgrounds, for the SMT programming aspects, of owning a Linux based O.S machine? Any specific prgramming language?

5) Why is there a surge for industrial machine makers, to progressively favour Linux as the machine O.S ???

Thanks :)

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Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98 | 6 August, 2001

We have the machine you are talking about, and yes Linux is a great OS much better than anything MS has ever put out. The machine is easy to use and program, the OS is rock stable unlike Windows. Our last machine ran Windows and our oven runs Windows and they are always locking up and doing funny things. Windows is not a good machine OS.

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Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98 | 6 August, 2001

In order to program your board, you are not exposed to the operating system.

If you want to "talk" to a Windows machine via LAN, you will have to install a communication software either on the Windows machine ( disc access ) or on the Linux machine ( Samba ).

Linux is an open server, which means you can write your own software and distribute it, without paying licenses fees to any of these software giants.

Linux or Unix ( SCO ) are very stable and fast O.S. because they don't have all these gimmicks Windows has. If you want to dive deeper into the software, you should get some literature like Linux for Dummies.

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Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98 | 7 August, 2001

Thanks Guys, for the shared details of discussion....

Am still open to further experiences, anyone can share with more depth....

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Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98 | 7 August, 2001

As Stefan says, it�s tough to comment on Linux / SCO features of Euroland machines, because you don�t see Linux. You can say Linux / SCO is faster, less crashy, and cheaper than Windows machines. [Same reasons most internet servers run Linux. Hmmm.]

After that, the features that you see are the execution of tricks by the programmers at Siemens, Europlacer, MIMOT, and Mydata. [I know there are other Linux / SCO Euroland placers, but they have negligent representation here in the US. Virtually every Euroland government subsidized their own P&P machine company as a feeble minded attempt to prop-up their tech sector. Fascinating, because the Euros are the greatest innovators in communications right now, and it all happened so fast before the states could subsidize the companies. Hmmm.]

Anywho, each of these companies offers a wide range of products that are quite different from each other. Broadly, Siemens machines are aimed at larger shops with no shortage of capital and have very cool feeders and top drawer Cpk. Europlacer, MIMOT, and Mydata target flex shops and makers of large format boards.

Consider looking at the operating system as another feature [eg, up time, speed of crash recovery, execution speed, etc.]; like job set-up and run time, feeder maintenance, component size capabilities, and support that you can use to rate various machines. [Like our P&P machine assessment form is like 30-some pages long. We give it to sales types, tell �em to get it filled-out, and never see them again. Coo!!!]

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Mattias Wennberg


Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98 | 8 August, 2001

We are using a MY19 p/p machine from Mydata running Linux, and we are programming it from a Windows98 station, and goes through LAN to the machine when transferring our jobs. It�s a stable machine and we haven�t experienced any negative sides of running Linux or the machine.

Check out for further information. I strongly recommend it.

Have a nice day!

Mattias Wennberg F�lt Elektronik AB Sweden

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Linux Platform Vs Win NT/98 | 12 August, 2001

Hey Mates,

thanks for the info :)

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