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NOT GOING TO NEPCON? Let ETS bring the "REAL" Show to you! | 13 February, 1998

ETS, Energy Technology Systems, would like to prove the capabilities of the CUREFLOW System (Solder Reflow and Curing Ovens)to you first hand. If your company is in the market to purchase a new reflow oven and would like to make that purchase risk free* then ETS is the answer. We will provide you with a CUREFLOW System to test against the requirements of your processes. What a perfect way to evaluate assembly equipment, right in YOUR factory along with YOUR other assembly equipment, using YOUR products to test it. Call, Fax or E-mail ETS TODAY for details: ETS, LLC 3939 N. Freya St. Spokane, WA 99207 PH: 509-483-0900 FAX: 509-483-0331 E-MAIL: On the Web:

*Some restrictions apply.

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 Reflow System

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