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David Spilker


SOT-23-6 | 26 June, 1998

I have been asked to evaluate the use of and SOT-23-6. I guess that this part has been around for awhile, but I have never used one. It looks straight forward enough, but I was wondering if anyone out there in forum land has found any special issues with them. Thanks ahead of time for your insights and wisdom.

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Steve Gregory


Re: SOT-23-6 | 26 June, 1998

Hi Dave! Yeah, they've been around a while, and they're pretty straight foward like you said. About the only things that I can think of that I've run across that causes problems with these guys is when they're used on the bottomside of the board, and those problems happen when you're having to wave solder them. The problems aren't with the part, but the way they've been laid-out on the board. Make sure that they're oriented in such a way that the leads won't be shadowed when it goes across the wave, and if the pads are extended a tad bit longer outwards from the center of the footprint, that'll give you a little extra pad area to wet to. Another thing about waving them, is if you intend to do that, make sure that your buyers get low-profile SOT's...there's three styles; low, medium, and high profile. The difference is how high they stand-off the board surface. If you get high profile ones and have to dispense epoxy, good luck! It's tough to make the dot high enough to contact the bottom of the SOT without gettin' glue all over the pads. -Steve Gregory-

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