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| | Has anyone experianced Core Dump errors with their MYDATA TP9? | | My machine (2/96) has 26 million placements and my operators | | have recorded 253 core dumps in 1996, 238 in 1997, and 18 in | | January of 1998. We run one job on the machine, period. | | Our previous TP9 never had an error of this type. | I would look towards the UNIX community for this | answer. Get the specifics on your software version, | specifics of the computer including BIOS and | approach the Company who provided the UNIX system | to Mydata. | Hope this helps, | Scott Yes I have. We contacted Mydata uk about this problem. however they clam the following. are you switching / powering down the machine daily. this is a common problem with unix based machines. We aslo have a seimens 80s. which is unix we are also told to powerdown requly.??? so we power it down daily. I connot tell you why however it works good luck .. chris link smd production enginner p.s could you phone me.itd nice to know other mydta owners uk01553 691022 ext 2083

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