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Announcement: Temporary Partial Shut-down of the SMTnet Site | 7 August, 1998

The new SMTnet site has been under construction for weeks and is finally ready to go public. To ensure that the new site contains up to date information, there will be a temperary shut down of parts of the existing SMTnet site that require cgi programs. The shut down will last about 24 hours, starting 1:00PM EST today, Friday, Aug. 7. During this ~24 hours of down time, you will still be able to browse through the Forum and the rest of the site, but you will NOT BE ABLE TO: 1. Post messages to the Forum 2. Register with the Industry Directories 3. Order a book via the online form 4. Post an item to the PCBCE Mart We are sorry for the temporary inconvenience, but hopefully you will like the new, improved site which includes a search engine within the Forum and within the PCBCE Mart. Of course we are anxious to hear your comments on the new site. Thank you all. Cunli

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