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0.125" PCB Routing Cutters

Dave N.


0.125" PCB Routing Cutters | 21 September, 1998

Currently we are having an issue with our current PCB routing cutters in 0.125". It has come to our attention that the vendor has set the mean diameter to be .1235" +/-.001". As such, we recieve a number of cutters in the .1225 realm. This has caused us problems with oversized parts when running higher stack heights (5+ high) and has resulted in selecting very low inch-life values. I am wondering if others have grappled with this problem or are there vendors who supply better tolerances (although calls into 3 other vendors reveal the same policy, since they all grind & gash from .125" stock). We are considering adjusting our panel step-outs for the undersizing (ie. step out circuits with .1235" instead of .125" spacing)

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