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Your next plant

Chad Pawlak


Your next plant | 6 November, 2000

Late last week 10% of the population of Thorp, WI lost their employment. Saputo Cheese of Montreal Canada, formerly Stella Foods and formerly Blue Moon Cheese announced it will shut the doors to this 70 year tradition on Jan 3.

Leaving in its wake 124 skilled cheese makers and laborers who top wage earners made less than $12/hour. The plant and distribution facility remains in good working condition. The town has had a proud history of hard working, dedicated employees.

My Father is one of those men who invested 24 years of his life into making some of the Worlds best blue cheese. What help can you offer networking the businesses you are working with to expand to this great state with our local community leaders

I am looking for your help to bring industry into my hometown. I've worked with a number of large corporation around the country and find time and again the need for skilled labor in either manufacturing type centers or distribution. Thorp, WI is centrally located in the state, has major 4 lane highway system, rail, has over 100 unemployed workers (plus many more driving 50-100 miles per day) available and has land available that would be considered more than economical for development.

Your advise, assistance and possible network of investors would be appreciated.

Best Regards Chad. Chad Pawlak, Rainmaker 715-305-1533 phone personal email

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