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BGA Rework station



BGA Rework station | 21 November, 2000

Hi! Does anybody kow about a bga rework station that accurate and does the job (as possible) in one axis (no table moving after chip placing ... Something very accurate (I'm using a SRT Pinnacle 500 and it's not ok... NOT AT ALL)

Thanks a lot!

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Re: BGA Rework station | 22 November, 2000

We currently have 5 BGA,uBGA rework stations in house and all perform excellently. The manufacturers are A.P.E, OKI-Metcal, and Manncorp. The A.P.E. and OKI both have moving tables and work great. The only system that does not have a moving table is the Manncorp machine. Manncorp can be found at Hope this helps. Cal

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Re: BGA Rework station | 22 November, 2000


I've used AIRVAC and SRT (with their old adjustable 4 piece nozzle system). I also saw the APE Chipmaster... Here's my 2C after all that:

Whoever claims he/she has a user friendly system is a big liar. The words are correct but the order is not. You actually need a "friendly user" who loves the repair/rework job, and do his/her best to get the most out of that machine. Will also believe in the fact that automation will pay off once it's an approved process.

If a company wants a repair machine and decides to use it like a vending machine instead of dedicating one person per shift, good luck...

However, there might be people who has achieved this, who should be the one helping us here... Come on guys/gals! Prove me wrong!

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