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Closer lead more soldering bridge by using spray flux | 8 June, 1999

Hi,my master How to iron out such soldering bridge with below conditions: 1.The component(Harness)lead pitch is 2.0mm,the lead length is 3.2mm. 2.PCB width is 1.6mm.Pad size is 1.65mm.Its a single copper PCB 3.using spraying fluxer and no-clean flux(Alcoho-base,solid content is 3.0%) After go though the wave solder machine,The DPM of soldering bridge on this component would be 12000, I try to cut the lead length from 3.2mm to 2.7mm,it sharply decreased to 3300. Our target is 400DPM. How to reduce the soldering bridge on such "fine" pitch component? Could you please kind enough to give me some suggestions? Thanks, Wister

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