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Jorge L. Torres


SMEMA | 20 October, 1999

We have a Yamazen PK-32E Magazine board Loader. It appears that at one time or another was connected with a Sanyo Pick & Place machine, which is a 24VDC system for SMEMA. I want to connect it to the DEK265 printer, which currently has an inspection system, connected down stream. The voltage of course is only 10VDC to 12.

Any Ideas on how to change or make some type of gadget that will work with this type of set up.


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Paul Gerits


Re: SMEMA | 20 October, 1999

Hi Jorge,

As you know SMEMA is a world standard (means it is the same at every vendor and each machine), at DEK you can buy (if not already implemented in your printer) SMEMA communication option. This is a pcb which is set in the machine to enable SMEMA communication. One can choose only down- or up- stream or both. In case of different down- up- stream communication go to the DEK internet site for the partnumbers. The partnumber for standard SMEMA option is 129293.



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