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Delta wave solder

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Delta wave solder | 8 October, 2016

We are having an issue with the solder bars hanging the solder feeder dripping down the back side of the pot, and leaking in to the area where the terminal block for the elements on the pot are. We have tried aluminum tape to close off the gap between the pot and the cover but it always runs under the tape no matter how good you seal it. I was wondering if anyone has had or seen this issue before and how did you deal/fix it. Also we do not have the little pot sitting in the holder on the back of the pot because that seems to make it worse. any in put would be appreciated greatly thanks in advice.

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Delta wave solder | 11 October, 2016

We have a slider Bar on the back side of our Delta Wave. It is adjustable and slides up and down (adjusting bolt) on the back edge of the Lamda Wave to prevent this problem; keeping the trough behind the Lamda is essential as well. Along with attentive operators and proper adjustment we have been able to overcome this problem. If you pm me I can send you a picture.


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Delta wave solder | 12 October, 2016

Speaking from experience, the solder pot surface has become "wetted" so to speak, so solder will naturally wick and seek. Allow the level to go low (perhaps 1 inch plus), clean the top surface area of the solder pot as best as you can - try to remove the solder on the surface, get a can of high temp paint like you would use on a cooking grill and paint that top surface area / lip of the solder pot, refill solder to correct level and move on.

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