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Obsolete parts - what to do?

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Obsolete parts - what to do? | 15 September, 2016

Hi there,

we accumulated over the years quite a lot electronic components (R, C, IC etc.) and some populated modules.

What is a good what to get offers for them? We tried ebay, but that works too slow. Some we like to sell in roughly sorted bulk, but some are in excellent shape, sealed rolls etc.

Suggestions are very welcome!

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Obsolete parts - what to do? | 18 September, 2016

First of all do a database or a spreadsheet with all the components and relavant details. Date codes, manufacturer. Abbreviated part no., Full part no, description, Then you can put them online on your own website. You may find a few sales of your dead stock was someone's cash cow line they were having a hard time finding your components for. Then there are the online sellers like partminer etc. they won't offer you very much , but at least the stock will be out of your warehouse. Ebay is good for small quantities for the hobbyists not so good for manufacturing.

Anyway good Luck


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Obsolete parts - what to do? | 19 September, 2016

I would probably try to find who of these sellers(that Sarason suggested) will do the job for you. If you can take anything for it, take it. If not-scrap it. I am pretty sure sorting them is not worth the time and effort.

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Obsolete parts - what to do? | 20 September, 2016

One of the wonderful things about a part going obsolete, if you have stock often the price will rise ten times over your buy, good when selling, not so good if you are running a reasonable volume on an old but good selling product!


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Obsolete parts - what to do? | 28 September, 2016

I have them online and as aspected the feedback is zero. Still looking at other methods.

I am aware that they might be very valuable to somebody in need - but to find that one is rather difficult. I'm not a huge friend of brokers, I bought fake parts before.

Well, will keep trying...

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