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Mydata Management Explanations

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Mydata Management Explanations | 9 September, 2016

Hi folks,

I'm looking for definitions on the categories from the Management reporting from MYData's (running My9 & MY19 machines TPSYS 2.4) I'd like to understand what the machine classifies into the following: Up time Active Time Run Time

I"m building some reporting for the machines and I want to work towards an OEE but in the short term I'm keen to get Set up time losses, board loading / unloading,

My best guess is that Up time - The time the machine is physically switched on Active time - the time the machine is either placing parts or waiting on a PCB being loaded Run time - The actual time it's placing parts

If that's correct then Board loading time - Uptime - Active Time Set up time = Active time - Run time

But I'm keen to know if anyone has the actual definitions

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