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CP45FV Neo Parts teaching

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CP45FV Neo Parts teaching | 26 August, 2016

We've just purchased a CP45FV Neo to replace an ancient Panasonic line. First non-Panasonic placement equipment I've worked on, so learning as I go here.

So far it's been pretty straightforward. However, we use some parts that come in QFN or LCC packages with pads underneath and no external leads, but there are no Parts Groups predefined for these types of packages. What's the best way to register these types of parts in the machine?

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CP45FV Neo Parts teaching | 31 August, 2016

i used custom component. you can draw entire component using this feature. it is a bit tricky, just make sure you are using good component when drawing.

PCB edit -> part -> new part -> select USER IC from package droplist -> edit body -> lead parameter & group

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