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Mirtec AOI

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Mirtec AOI | 16 August, 2016

Can Mirtec AOI detect MISSING metallization on the resistors? I love to know how to add into the program to catch it.

Thank you!

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Mirtec AOI | 18 August, 2016

Typically on my company's Mirtec systems, any anomalies, such as cracks, chips, etc. on chip capacitors and chip resistors are going to be detected with just a basic mounting inspector. We have a full image of the part (solder joint not included) as the basis window, and another mounting inspector to look for the part marking. If you're concerned about chips in the component, you'll need to set the pass/fail tolerance pretty high; probably 70% or higher, but this will also result in a lot more false calls. We have had luck catching cracked components with this method.

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Mirtec AOI | 22 August, 2016

If you set the "Base Window" (ie - body of the component) to by viewed by the vertical light, it will give good contrast, and ours usually detects the missing metallization from one or other end, but only on the top-side, obviously. If the metallization is missing from the end vertical edge, that should show up as an anomaly in the solder inspection.

Hope that helps....

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Mirtec AOI | 22 August, 2016

Thank you very much ! You right I will increase the acceptance up to 75% but create more false call. Thank you all.

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