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Speedline Accuflex issue

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Speedline Accuflex issue | 7 July, 2016

We just pulled a Speedline Accuflex printer out of storage. After programming a board and stencil, and calibrating the fiducials and everything, we do a test alignment and bring the board to print height. It is off. I've done it now with two different PCBs and stencils.

The stencil is shifted slightly to the rear, so it prints just a bit of paste off the pad, closest to the operator.

It's the same on all pads, so it's not a skew issue.

I assume there's a camera calibration. I did the one where you align the screw head in the view, but it still aligns off.

Also, when in the fiducials screen, I look at the PCB, and then the stencil. I can hear the camera move. After alignment, they should be the same, yet it makes a slight adjustment in order to center both in the screen.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Speedline Accuflex issue | 7 July, 2016

If the offsets are the same for every board and stencil you checked - You should calibrate this machine. Usually you should have a calibration stencil and board to do that.

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Speedline Accuflex issue | 7 July, 2016

Sadly we have 3 of these, and not one came with a calibration stencil.

I couldn't even find a calibration menu other than the "screw head" one.

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Speedline Accuflex issue | 7 July, 2016

definitely call and order what you need to calibrate your machines - 3 machines worth the effort.

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Speedline Accuflex issue | 16 July, 2016

Yes, you need to run the 'offsets' calibration to correct the offset issue. If the machine is in good working order and all of the other alignments and cal's are completed then you are good shape to go to run this cal. If not, you could waste a few hours running the calibration and not getting the desired result. The 'Offsets' calibration stencil consists of a 49X49 array of apertures (51X51 if you have a UP1500 cal stencil) that you will print on to a 20X20 copper clad PCB, which will then be lowered to Vision Height. The cal routine will look at the aperture and corresponding deposit and calculate an offset for the vision X,Y coordinate. Once completed the software updates a text file with a new matrix or map of the vision offsets for 2401 locations. This file is referenced every time you teach a fiducial coordinate. This closest coordinate offset is applied to each of you corresponding fids for your programs. You may be able to get by in the short term buy putting in a 'global' offset. When you go into the vision teach to use 'test align' there is an offset button. When you access this screen there should be two tabs, one for the program offset and a second tab for global; select the global and put in your offsets. I believe some older versions of the software might not have the 'global' tab. I know for sure it is in 8.6.0. I hope this info helps you out.

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