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Unknown Part

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Unknown Part | 9 June, 2016

Can any body help me identify the part. There is no part number printed on it. Looks like an EMI filter. It is labeled as T3 on the PCB and is placed on the power input line of 28Vdc


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Unknown Part | 9 June, 2016

You'd have more luck looking at where it is located in the circuit than posting a picture a of brown brick with contacts either end. Its fairly chunky so sure it could be a ferrite of some kind (but they are normally black) or indeed a Fuse, self resetting fuses are often Brown with gold contacts and little notches like that. However nobody can look at that and give you a value. The dimension put it a little outside the common stuff you see all the time IMHO. If its broken anyway, why not snap it in half so you can see what's inside?

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