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Ersa Versaflo

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Ersa Versaflo | 1 June, 2016

Strange problem with a Versaflo selective wave

Very long for the pot to reach is set temperature ( 5 h ) At 180 C, the pump doesn’t seem to start like it should be So very long to heat the bottom of the pot Finally, the bottom element is turning on after 180 C on the bottom TC as it should be When it’s OK, very dificult to do the pot heigh calibration, it’s failling 5-6 time before getting it The pump seem to take too long before pumping the solder out of the nozzle, like it lack power to do so. In manual or service mode, impossible to start the pump in stanby mode, icon turn on but turn off by itself after 1 sec, no alarm It’s doing that with the 2 pots we have here so the problem not coming from the pot itself Any idea ? Pump driver ? Bad parameter in the software ? Is there any way to check the pump power ? Also, is there anyway to reset password because we lost the level 2 password on that machine and having operator only so we can’t tryed changing parameters to see if it will change anything on that problem Regards

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