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PCB Repair Epoxy

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PCB Repair Epoxy | 9 May, 2016

What kind of epoxy do you guys use for repairing PCB pads? We've been using the stuff you can get from CircuitMedic, but, it's rather expensive, and is usually one-time-use (as you don't use a whole lot of it). It's a two-part epoxy, so, once you've mixed it, the package is gone.

I've used different types of Loctite in the past, but, have no idea which part numbers. Figured I'd hit up the board, and see if there's a preferred material out there.

Thanks! ..rob

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PCB Repair Epoxy | 10 May, 2016

Hey Rob, Try 2 part 5 minute epoxy from mg chemicals. you can usually find it at your local fry's electronics store for under $10


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