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Checkpoint BOM duplication problem

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Checkpoint BOM duplication problem | 30 March, 2016

Hi All,

We use Aegis Checkpoint for BOM management and CircuitCam for programming and work instructions. For reasons beyond my control, we no longer have a service contract.

I'm fairly new here so as far as I know the following problem has existed from day one. To my knowledge, no one else had ever tried this function.

From Checkpoint, we can not create a duplicate BOM from an existing BOM in the Assemblies list, so in order to generate an updated BOM revision (even if it's just for one part omission, addition, or change) we have to either import the new customer BOM in Excel to generate a new Checkpoint BOM, or we have to export the old BOM into Excel, modify it, and then import that into Checkpoint. The whole process takes 10 times as long as it would to just create a duplicate, rename it, and make manual edits as required.

[As I was preparing to send this something occurred to me that I hadn't thought of so I'm adding it here to stop you from reading further if you can answer the following question: Is it possible that this functionality is only available with Fusion? My prior experience with CC and CP was in the Fusion environment but we don't use it here. This doesn't make sense to me from a need perspective but from a software standpoint maybe that's just how it is....?]

Obviously if the changes are substantial it is safer to do a new import but for simple stuff it's just a waste of time. I just can't find any settings to change that affect this. The option is available (not grayed out), but the new Assy Rev. is never's like the command was never made.

Any suggestions...besides trying to convince management to buy a service contract for obsolete software?



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