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Saphirre-X | 16 March, 2016

Hi... Can any body confirm me whether the board flow in Saphire-X Pick & place machine be changed or not; from L-->>R to R-->L?

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Saphirre-X | 17 March, 2016

Hi Ermami,

You can on the base Sapphire (non x or xii) - it's switches on the Connection Board, I'm guessing it's the same for the X & Xii, although they are pretty rare.

It's in the Sapphire Service Manual, and also in the Topaz & Emerald X & Xii manuals, but we don't have a Sapphire X or Xii manual to check.


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Saphirre | 18 March, 2016

Dear Rob, Thanks for replying. I wrote Spphire-X by mistake. It is Sapphire only, for which I am asking. Can you plz forward me the service manual of Sapphire and guide me in brief for the same?

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