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CE MARKING | 10 February, 2016

A question for you all that I would appreciate your help or views on. On a SM line connected using SMEMA conveyers do I need to get the whole line CE marked? My arguement is I don't have to as the machines are operating indenpendently of each other and they arent controlled by one single circuit. I dont think that they are classed as an Assembly of machines. Has anyone else come across this issue or know the definitive answer? Many thanks in advance.

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CE MARKING | 10 February, 2016

Here's what I know about CE marking: * It applies to equipment producers that market their product to be used by Eurolanders. * CE is not an end-user requirement. * Eurolanders define the equipment requirements. * Equipment producers self-certify compliance to the requirements

Based on what you've told us, you should move on to something that will make money for your company.

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