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Quad 100 info?

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Quad 100 info? | 12 January, 2016

I am shopping around for a cheap pick and place to do a few small runs of boards, just something to hold me over until I get things lined up to buy a high quality permanent machine.

I have come across a few Quad 100s that are ridiculously cheap and apparently functional, but can't seem to find any information online about their functionality. Are these things worthwhile at all anymore, or are they cheap because they aren't very usable? What are their capabilities? Where can I go to find information about them?

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Quad 100 info? | 12 January, 2016

0603 parts are the smallest they will do. If you never have used one I would not suggest trying to start now. That's a first generation machine that is over 20 years old and needs many mechanical adjustments to make it function correctly.


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Quad 100 info? | 12 January, 2016

If you are just needing a few small runs until you buy a high quality permanent machine, I suggest you outsource the work to a local EMS provider. That way you will not have to go through a learning curve on 2 different machines. Outsourcing the work will save you time and money in the long run.

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Quad 100 info? | 25 August, 2016

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Quad 100 info? | 26 August, 2016

If you are looking at the machines from Burton; I suggest you contact them and ask them questions. I just bought their MPM UP500 printer and despite its many quirks does print well for us at the price they let it go for. Others are right though don't discount the maintenance and learning curve of placement machines and costs of maintenance. Look what is available for spares or if you can afford it buy a machine for spare parts! Always have at least two placement machines of the same model/vintage so you can swap parts to troubleshoot- this advice has saved us many hours and dollars.

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