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Electrovert H500 In-Line Wash

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Electrovert H500 In-Line Wash | 5 January, 2016

Anyone out there a pro at fixing these? We've got an old one (1996 or so I believe) that is acting up. Our maintenance guy knew it inside and out but he has left us. Speedline doesn't support it much anymore so I could really use a contact to help point me in the right direction when we need help.

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Electrovert H500 In-Line Wash | 7 January, 2016

Contact Mike Schwager at Aquakleen. He's an expert on refurbishing inline cleaners. His phone number is (714) 637-4150. His email is

Mike Konrad

Aqueous Technologies

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Electrovert H500 In-Line Wash | 9 January, 2016

Wow! a 500, That's a Battleship there, old and may leak a lot but gets the job done. Mike Schwager is a great guy and knows his stuff. If he doesn't have the time or resources I would be happy to be his backup if you're in a pinch. I generally only advertise that my company covers MPM printers, but I spent a lot of my early days with Speedline on the hot and wet stuff(Electrovert). If you need a reference just call Electrovert Tech support, they should vouch for me.

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Electrovert H500 In-Line Wash | 12 January, 2016

Battleship - very nice! I like that. It's about the size of one, too! (Probably weighs more, though). Thanks much for the info, I'll get ahold of Mike and see if I can get a little advice.

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