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PCB pads corrosion

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PCB pads corrosion | 15 December, 2015

I had a problem with PCB pads: soldering process couldn't be performed because soldering pads of component in the PCB are oxydized. Is there any solutions to eliminate the corrosion on the pads in order to avoid there scrap because we 're talking about a huge quantity of PCB?

PS: The PCB's finish is Nickel gold


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PCB pads corrosion | 15 December, 2015

Peculiar that ENIG boards are corroded, not that it can't happen. * J-STD-002, Solderability Tests for Component Leads, Terminations, Lugs, Terminals and Wires * J-STD-003, Solderability Tests for Printed Boards

The first person I'd talk with is my board fabricator. Usually, he has pretty good advice about stuff like this. AND he doesn't like to get left out of the conversation.

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PCB pads corrosion | 4 January, 2016

It's amazing. I rarely saw that ENIG finish could be corroded. It should be the Nickel corroded issue and then affected the solderability. Not clear how to clear this, if you get the answer, let me know. good luck

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