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Quad keeps bending Z-Rods.

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Quad keeps bending Z-Rods. | 14 December, 2015

We have a Quad 4000c refurbished from PPM. I have worked with quads for many years and this one seems to bend Z-Rods more than usual. In the past few months we have gone through nearly 10 Z-Rods. This is getting expensive. This is happening during production and I am never there to witness the cause, only the aftermath. Does anyone know what causes this to happen so I can have the operators avoid what ever it is they are doing? The Z-Rods get bent to nearly a 90 degree angle and destroy the nozzles. Im ASSUMING that it is hitting our vacuum table when it goes to the dump location. Is it possible that for some reason the Z-Rod is lowering during travel for some reason. ANY help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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