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Quad Upward Vision Issue

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Quad Upward Vision Issue | 6 November, 2015

I am having a darn hard time getting my upward vision to successfully inspect a ssop14 package.

I have created a part profile as defined by the manual as I understand. I believe the profile is ok based on comparison to like parts referenced in the quad manuals(ssop20).

When I inspect the part with the vision system the part passes inspection regardless of whether or not it is actually present (manually I removed the part from the nozzle to force a fail). This seems wrong to me!

When I select "average corrected" in the vision test menu the part always fails. - The vision system seems to ID hot-spots on the head as leads and calculates the lead pitch based on that(I think).

I have fiddled with the lighting and video-meter settings to the best of my ability and have tried to set the lighting in a manner to clearly illuminate the leads as well as try to reduce the background "noise" as much as possible. I am unable to get the hot-spot on the head to disappear without totally washing out the leads as well. Perhaps my led ring is in need of some led adjustment? I'm cutting my teeth with this machine so I don't doubt there are some noob errors being made:)

Im running a 3c with CC version 7.45. I can provide any additional info that can help if anyone has some ideas.

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Quad Upward Vision Issue | 16 November, 2015

Hello, Average correction should be used. If the nut on the z-rod is what you are seeing through the parts can use a smaller o-ring and slide it up to where the nut is to block it out. You may have to try a few sizes and/or even double over the o-ring but it works. If the part is not under 20 mil pitch the quad align should place it accurately so I am not sure if the part is even needed to be used over the upward camera.


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