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PCB Panel Share | 25 October, 2015

Hi everyone! I'm needing a 4 layer board for a DIY project. A friend recommended me to try with PCB Unlimited, since they are giving to students a professional stainless steel stencil for free with buying one of their PCB panel share. Has anyone proved the boards and stencils from PCB Unlimited? I want to know if they are high quality as my friend tells me. This is the company website:

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PCB Panel Share | 26 October, 2015

We buy stencils from Stencils Unlimited ( which is the sister company to PCB unlimited. Stencils Unlimited will be the ones making the stencil if you order the pcbs with PCB Unlimited. We have never ordered pcbs from them so I can not speak to the quality of those. We have gotten good quality stencils and good customer support from Stencils Unlimited.

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PCB Panel Share | 27 October, 2015

"Hello, if you have any querry about PCB you can visit at"

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PCB Panel Share | 3 November, 2015

"Hello, If you have any querry about pcb you can visit at"

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