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Quad QSV-1

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Quad QSV-1 | 5 October, 2015

I have a quad qsv-1 machine that I'm trying to get up and running. I cannot get past the Q-Soft part where it wants to create an RT boot disk. I put my 1.44M floppy in drive A:, hit enter, it says it's creating the boot disk and then errors out saying there's not enough space. I've checked several floppies and the drive itself (read and write from windows). How do I get past this?

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Quad QSV-1 | 6 October, 2015

There are known problems trying to create the boot disk if its the older quad software. Contact me through:

I might be able to help you.


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Quad QSV-1 | 10 October, 2015

Call Bob, he knows what he's doing, and he's reasonably priced.

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Quad QSV-1 | 4 November, 2015

Have you gotten past that or still needing help?

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