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Quad Profile-S - Require "offset.exe" s/w for temp calibration.

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Quad Profile-S - Require "offset.exe" s/w for temp calibration. | 3 October, 2015

Update 6 Oct 15:

We have completely re-configured the oven PID boards such that everything is now visible on the oven by the s/w and all is now OK since the "Machine"card is now recognized. We have just one additional procedure to do and that is to calibrate the PID LON cards but this requires a program called "offset.exe" which we do not have. This is included with the QRS Plus software but we must be using an earlier version s/w.

Our Quad oven Model is: PRO-5-S-C, running Oven Controller S/W version 1.20.

Would anyone have the "offset.exe" stand alone s/w program such that we can complete our oven recovery back to normal, thanks in advance.

Many thanks to George Castonguay at Precision Placement Machines Inc for his expert help to date with this problem.

The following has been fixed:

Our Quad Profile S/W dos prompt says "Failed to communicate with node MACHINE" when trying to initialize. All other nodes are recognized therefore I assume that the Echelon network is working but the "Machine" node is not recognized.

Would anyone out there have any input to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.



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Quad Profile-S - No communication with | 5 October, 2015

Hi JR, We have all the cards that you need to resolve your communication issue. Please contact or call 1-603-895-5112.

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