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QSP2-PLUS | 27 August, 2015

Hello my name is Steve, I am a machine operator 3 at an electronics company we currently run a QSP2-PLUS and I am wondering if anyone has experienced a phenomenon with this machine where the gantry moves on its own without any sensors being tripped?

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QSP2-PLUS | 2 September, 2015


Does said phenomena occur at a particular time? Or is it seemingly random?

What sensors are you referring to? The door sensors, (as in you have the doors open and the gantries move)?

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QSP2-PLUS | 2 September, 2015

My guess - GHOSTS!!! :) No seriously, you have to observe more about the timing and the sequence this thing happens. If it is absolutely random(which I doubt), than your machine might have serious problem. And when you say it is moving - is it moving just slightly, or it moves long distance? How about the speed of movement? Does it stop? Is it performing any task while moving? Taking or leaving instruments...goes to feeders or fids? Give us more and we might actually help.

Regards, Emil

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QSP2-PLUS | 3 September, 2015

Yes. This is spot on.

The machine is more than likely moving for a specific reason. You need to observe what it is doing while it is moving, when it's doing it, if it does it every time you perform a sequence of operations, or if it's occurs intermittently. There are a however a few things that might cause it to move erratically. You could start by cleaning the tracking glass, I've seen grease on ours before. Axis cards can go bad, but if you're able to run boards I wouldn't bet on that being the culprit.

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